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I have been working with Gina for over 2 years now doing CBT & coaching. She has taught me so much and improved my quality of life massively! So incredibly grateful, could not recommend her enough.

I can’t thank Gina enough for the support she has provided to our family. She’s been invaluable and helped us through tough and challenging situations with incredibly positive outcomes. I have highly recommended Gina numerous times and will continue to do so. We have always felt truly safe in her hands. She is understanding, professional and compassionate and provides great guidance.

Having a teenage daughter struggling with anxiety that manifested itself in many ways, problems at school, eating issues and very low mood, it was godsend to have Gina recommended to me. My daughter doesn’t enjoy talking one to one and was very nervous at the prospect of having a counsellor. However instantly, Gina put her at ease and nearly two years later it is a joy to see how much more confident and outgoing my daughter is. She looked forward to their sessions, knowing she had the opportunity to speak out and be listened to and given tools to help her cope with the day to day. Thank you!

Gina has been a wonderful support to members of my family on all sorts of occasions over many years. She has helped with temper tantrums, exam anxiety, driving test nerves and managing the stresses of a new postdoctoral career. I am always amazed at how in a single session Gina can change my view of a situation and equip me with the tools to manage it and move on. Thanks Gina, I don’t know what we’d all do without you!

Gina helped me overcome my phobia of public speaking and treated my crippling anxiety. It has literally changed my life and I feel so confident now at work and I’m social situations. I use the strategies daily and I’m so glad I had this treatment!

I had 6 coaching sessions with Gina and overcame my limiting beliefs that I wasn’t good enough to be successful. I can now honestly say my life is so much more enjoyable now. My performance at work is off the charts and I’m so happy to meet challenges that used to knock my confidence. My self doubt is gone and I feel motivated and present.

I quit smoking using hypnotherapy with Gina in 2016 and I’ve never looked back. Highly recommended.

Gina coached me through some tricky exams and professional accreditation assessments in 2019 and then she helped my team overcome some issues with conflict and communication. I still use the strategies at work with my team to this day. My team really enjoy working together and communicate well and I think it’s because of Gina’s person centred approach.

Highly recommend Gina for performance coaching. I’m a basketball player and struggled to perform under pressure. The methods and coping strategies I learnt helped me switch off my anxiety and enjoy it once again.

I cannot recommend Gina highly enough. From exam nerves to helping me cope with spells of poor mental health, her insightful and practical guidance has helped me process and deal with a wide range of challenges and build lasting strategies to cope better with the rollercoaster of life. Its a huge source of comfort to have a resource like her available, and i’m incredibly grateful for her help to date, and look forward to her help in the future.

I was recommended Gina by a friend who she helped quit smoking. The first time using Tapping I felt a huge improvement in my anxiety. It has been invaluable in dealing with my anxiety and panic disorder and. Know I can use the technique by myself at any time and I’ll instantly see an improvement.