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Hypnotherapy is a highly successful treatment method for a wide range of issues.  It is especially effective for behaviours that appear to be outside of your conscious control, such as bad habits, irrational responses or emotionally driven coping strategies. I have used hypnotherapy to treat a variety of issues including phobias, anxiety and panic disorders, sleep disorders, for pain relief, to stop smoking and for weight management.  It is a safe and effective therapeutic method which allows the subconscious part of the brain to become aligned with the conscious, logical part of the brain, thereby stopping the internal conflict and the urges to continue with unwanted behaviours. And it feels great.

Gina has been a wonderful support to members of my family on all sorts of occasions over many years. She has helped with temper tantrums, exam anxiety, driving test nerves and managing the stresses of a new postdoctoral career. I am always amazed at how in a single session Gina can change my view of a situation and equip me with the tools to manage it and move on. Thanks Gina, I don’t know what we’d all do without you!

It’s easier than you think, to change the way you think.

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